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preguntas frecuentes

Preguntas frecuentes

Here we are sharing some frequently asked questions and answers regarding delivery terms, stone samples, price list, MoQ, granite colors, marble colors, sandstone colors, stone finishes, the below FAQ points will help you a lot.

If still you need more information? You can email us / WhatsApp directly.

  • Who is Aravali India Marbles & Granites aka Aravali Marbles in India?
    Aravali Marbles in India is a leading Indian stone exporter and a global manufacturer and supplier of premium natural stone products like marble, granite, sandstones, basalt, natural crystal quartz slabs, slate stone, kota stones, quartzite etc. for the overseas markets. We have been in the stone export business for over 20 years proudly family-owned and operated. We strive to deliver the very best for our customers, through exceptional service, unbeatable stone products at fair prices, and expert advice you won’t find anywhere else. You could say that natural stone is in our blood. Luxury Indian stones are here with us to help you get the results you have been dreaming of. For any specific information in this regard please call / WhatsApp at +91-9829446944 or you can email us / we will help you.
  • Why should I buy your stone products?
    Here we are mentioning some solid reasons that makes us different: We pride ourselves as we supply highest quality stone at best & lowest prices. We have been exporting various stone products like gangsaw slabs, cutter slabs, flooring tiles, wall tiles, hardscaping products, project cut to size tiles slabs, prefab countertops for kitchens and bathrooms, vanity tops, steps risers, fountain, landscaping Stone, exterior and interior slabs, window sills, monuments, pool and wall capping, and other design projects for over 20 years in multiple finishes like polished, flamed, sandblasted, antiqued, bush hammered, etc. Our stone material meeting the European quality parameters. We are an ISO 9001:2015, CE & a certified stone company in India. Our stones are sourced from the best quality Indian stone quarries, scattered all across India. We are manufacturer exporter and suppliers of demanding Indian stones with a high grade production line like block cutter, gang saw, circular blade saw, wire saw, line polish machine, bridge cutters, flame machine, bush hammer machine, waterjet machine, calibrating machine, splitting machine etc. We have built up strong cordial relationships with quarry owners over many years & that’s the reason we can source and supply the best quality stone products to our international customers. We are committed to ensure that our customer should be satisfied with our stone and our customer service from the moment you click onto our website, to when your order is delivered to your site. Besides we respond promptly to your phone calls, emails, fax and letters. You will get the lowest possible freight rates through us as we have we have a reliable and strong coordination with some renowned forwarders / direct shipping lines which give us the advantage of providing you the materials on time + the minimum possible freight rates. We are extremely ethical & we genuinely care about the feedback & review from our customer, 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed! No fuss. No gimmicks. We provide sales support merchandise like samples, pdf and hard copy product catalogues etc. for free of cost
  • Do you source the 1st choice rough blocks for slabs tiles?
    Yes of course we source marble, granite, sandstone, basalt rough blocks from well-established quarries. We inspect each block for defects prior to lifting from the quarries. We do not purchase so-called “2nd grade” materials. We ship our marble slabs, granite slabs, basalt stone containers across the globe. For any specific information in this regard please call / WhatsApp at +91-9829446944 or you can email us / we will help you.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes we cater only the International clients and we ship all over the globe, for any specific information in this regard please call / WhatsApp at +91-9829446944 or you can email us / we will help you.
  • What are your delivery terms?
    We do shipments on FOB, C&F, CIF and sometimes on DDP and DDU also, as per the buyers’ wish.
  • I don’t find in your web site, what I am looking for, can you still help?
    Yes of course we can help you…if can’t see what you’re looking for please call us / WhatsApp us on +91-9829446944 or you can email us / we will help you.
  • Do you have a general price list of all products?
    We have found it is not practical to publish a price list of all the stones at one glance, as there are so many variables with bespoke stone works. Please let us know "your present requirement" with name of stones, size, thickness etc. to send you the prices immediately.
  • How can i get a quote?
    For a quote please phone us or WhatsApp us +91-9829446944 or email us / We request our clients to give following information to send you the quick and competitive quote. (1) Name of stone that you wish to buy (2) Size (big slabs or small slabs) (3) Thickness (2 cm or 3 cm) (4) Approximate quantity (5) For US based clients we request them to let us know the allowed weight also
  • How long is a quote valid?
    Our quoted price / prices are always valid for the next 30 days from the date of quotation.
  • Can I get a stone sample?
    Yes of course. You can get the granite, marble, sandstone, basalt, slate, quartzite stone sample, it’s a great way for you to get a feel for our products.
  • What is the minimum order quantity?
    Please note the minimum order quantity for all granite, marble, sandstone, basalt, slate, quartzite, natural crystal quartz slabs are ONE CONTAINER (FCLs) at least. Though we do LCL (Less than a Container Load) but in that case, the quantity should be one full wooden crate at least.
  • How much does a crate weigh?
    Typically a full crate of paving slabs weigh approximately 900-1000Kgs. and the marble granite slabs' crate approximate weight around 3200 Kgs.
  • To whom you supply to?
    We supply our high quality Indian stones (granite, marble, sandstone, black basalt, cristallo quartzite slabs, slate, quartzite tiles slabs, blocks) to wholesalers, retailers, builders, interior designers, contractors, fabricators, and sometimes to end users, globally.
  • What are your fast moving granite colors?
    In granites we are regular exporter of black galaxy granit, nero absoluto, tan brown, paradiso classico, imperial red, Alaska white, red multi, black forest, ivory brown, colonial white, rosy pink etc. Indian granite comes in various shades, patterns, and there is plenty to choose from to suit your taste and budget.
  • What are your fast moving marble colors?
    In marbles we are regular exporter of vert Guatemala, forest green, fantasy brown, cappuccino, Toronto, Udaipur green marble, yellow marble, pink marble etc. Indian marble comes in various shades, patterns, and there is plenty to choose from to suit your taste and budget.
  • What are your fast moving natural sandstone colors?
    In sandstones we are regular exporter of kandla grey, autumn brown, raj green, sagar black, modak, raj blend, rainbow, teakwood etc. Indian natural sandstone comes in various shades, patterns, and there is plenty to choose from to suit your taste and budget.
  • What are your fast moving natural slate quartzite colors?
    In slate quartzite we are regular exporter of deoli green, silver shine, peacock multi, silver grey, copper red, golden, panther, Indian autumn, multi pink, black slate, jak multi slate etc. Indian natural slate and quartzite comes in various shades, patterns, and there is plenty to choose from to suit your taste and budget.
  • How you can assure us about the quality control in your company?
    At Aravali Marbles producing quality stones is not a job, it is a habit. Below are the stages of quality control in our company: At the stone quarry, at rough blocks procurement stage: our experienced quality inspector does the visual inspection of each block that he / she mark to be procured (stones). Next stage comes for quality checking at the block sawing stage to avoid any deviations. Now quality checking during the processing and polishing stage, here the dimensions are measured again and reworked if required. Now the Final Quality Control (QC) is done more intricately, with following parameters in detailed: Gloss Levels of the slab, it should be 100% flat Visible cracks or fissures Pitting or pores on surface Colour variation Slab size Measurement Thickness Measurement Straightness of the slab
  • What is the average size of a marble granite slab you supply?
    Marble granite slabs vary in size, but commonly the slabs should be above 10 ft. X 6 ft. up, only this size we grade them for the export.
  • What are different types of stone finishes you supply?
    We are manufacturer supplier and exporter of following highly demanding natural stone finishes include polished, honed, flamed, hydro, natural cleft, bush hammered, tumbled, mushroom, leather, sawn only, cross cut, vein cut, gauged, ungauged.
  • What criterion should I use while selecting a natural stone colour for my project?
    Right, the natural stones are coming in a wide variety of colours and the criterion is totally depending upon the PURPOSE that you have in your mind…the natural stone colour can make your space warm & cosy or formal. The colour of natural stone can make your space seem bigger or smaller. Here are some points that you should keep in your mind while selecting the stone colour. Always consider that, are you going to use the stone for indoor or outdoor! Consider the color of the stone: The darker natural granites like black galaxy, absolute black, black pearl can make your area even more smaller whereas lighter colours like colonial white, Alaska white granite can make your smaller area look like bigger and spacious. If you wish to use the natural stones for commercial purpose where the foot fall is more then you should choose the granite, that is one of the best options for high-rise buildings, offices, shopping plazas and other high traffic areas. If you have an easy installation of natural stone in your mind, then you can choose to lay the French pattern options. If you wish to highlight an architectural feature of any area, then you should choose the granite or marbles that are available with dramatic wild patterns. If you wish to install stone for Indoor then, try to match the granite with your cabinets, furniture, and wall colours. If you wish to install stone for outdoor then, consider the purpose, weather, ease of maintenance & lighting of the surroundings. We suggest you to bring the stone sample at home & compare the color against the cabinets and walls and other surroundings.
  • On what payment terms you usually work?
    We usually work on Telegraphic Transfer (T/T) & Letter of Credit (L/C)
  • What is the wait time of despatch after placing the order?
    Every order is unique; schedule will be based upon quantity, color selection, and fabrication time but on an average we despatch the container order within 15 to 20 days from the date of order confirmation. Although wait time may vary throughout the year due to various other factors like right stone availability at the quarries, high order volume. In comparison to the slabs and flooring tiles, the sandstone cobblestone and porphyry cobblestone requires approximately 4 - 6 weeks to deliver to the nearest port.
  • How about your stone prices?
    Our prices are always competitive and transparent. The way it should be. We love saving our customer’s money. We always offer the best possible & lowest rates to all our clients. Please get in touch with us through call / WhatsApp on any questions about prices at +91-9829446944 or you can email us / we will help you. We always want to be a friendliest & most efficient natural stone supply company in India.
  • Do you supply cut to size stones for large and small projects?
    Yes of course, you can give us the size, thickness, colour name and reference picture of the stone then we will surely do the cut to size project orders.
  • Do you provide the technical specification of the stone we are going to order?
    Yes, this includes: Density Porosity Water absorbency Flexural Strength Compressive Strength Slip resistance Abrasion Frost resistance
  • Do you provide advice on the suitable stone to use for my project?
    Yes of course. We know the stone business inside out; we have more than 20 years’ experience. Our clients regularly ask us for advice so please call us on +91-9829446944 or get in touch via email /
  • I’m a stone dealer located in Houston; can I join your network?
    Yes, of course. We’d love to have you as part of our sales network so feel free to call us on +91-9829446944 or get in touch via email / and let’s see what we can do for you.
  • What is Granite?
    Granite is a natural stone that has undergone metamorphosis deep down the Earth over billions of years. Granite comes in wide verity of colors, each granite slab is unique, 100% natural and no two slabs are alike. They are beautiful and impressive to look at as they have no repeating patterns and that’s what makes granites so distinctive. Indian granite features: Indian granite has very high durability and hardness. They are best for daily use. Indian granites are stain resistant. When correctly sealed the stains won’t soak, they can resist strong stains. Indian granites have the ability to withstand all elements of nature. Indian granites uses & applications: Used for kitchen tops, floor and bathroom tiles, skirting, door and window panels, dining table tops, garden furniture, office table tops, staircases, fireplace revetments, kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, jacuzzi surrounds, fireplace surrounds, bar tops, saddles and shelves, internal and externals, slabs, tiles, bathrooms, flooring, walls, vanity, paving, staircase, wine cellar, hallway floor, swimming pool, pool house, summer house, architrave, skirting, fireplace, driveway, commercial use, pavements, cladding, setts etc. Precautions for granite: Not all Granites require the sealer. Don’t use cleaning products that have acids and are acidic in nature to clean the granite. In case of a spill, clean it immediately. Leaving the stains for long periods of time will result in the stone absorbing and staining. We are the top exporter, manufacturer & producers of granite slabs from India.
  • What is Marble?
    Any calcite rock that looks elegant, oozes the luxury and has a lot of character is a Marble. Marble garners a lot of attention from the architects and homemakers, Marble hails from the family of limestone and looks pretty when used as a countertop or vanity top. Indian marble features: It is a great conductor of heat and it is impervious to weather Since it is soft it is easily scratched and scraped Absorbs moisture as it is porous. Indian marble uses and applications: Marble can be used only for internal applications like slabs, tiles, bathrooms, kitchens, kitchen island, kitchen worktop, flooring, interior walls, staircase, shower tray, wet room, shower enclosure, sink, countertops, internal wall tiles, feature wall, skirting, worktops, kitchen floor, fireplace etc. Precautions for marble: Marbles tend to stain easy, so clean up the spills quickly. Reseal the marbles regularly. When water is absorbed and doesn’t bead on the surface it is time to reseal the marble. Don’t use abrasive and acidic cleaners on the marbles. We are the top exporter, manufacturer & producers of marble slabs from India.
  • What is Black Basalt?
    Basalt is a dark-coloured, fine-grained, igneous rock composed mainly of plagioclase and pyroxene minerals. Basalt stone has a composition similar to gabbro. The main difference between basalt and gabbro is that basalt is a fine-grained rock while gabbro is a coarse-grained rock. We are manufacturer exporter and suppliers of basalt paving, basalt blocks, basalt tiles, basalt block steps, basalt cobbles, basalt stepping stones, basalt pool coping for landscaping. Basalt stone uses and applications: Basalt is also cut into dimension stone. Basalt slabs are cut and sometimes polished, flamed, honed, shot blasted, hydro for use as floor tiles, worktops, wall panels, fireplaces and countertops, building veneer, monuments, driveways, water features, rockeries, aquatics and other stone objects besides, basalt is commonly crushed for use as an aggregate in construction projects. Crushed basalt is used for road base, concrete aggregate, asphalt pavement aggregate, railroad ballast, filter stone in drain fields, and may other purposes. Aravali marbles supplying the best quality black basalt stone to natural stone importers, construction companies, hardscape contractors, home owners, stone supplier, wholesale distributor, fabricators, retailers, specifiers, architectural and design professionals, builders and real estate developers globally. We are the top exporter, manufacturer & producers of black basalt pavers from India.
  • What is EQS (Engineered Quartz Stone / Agglomerated Stone)?
    The second most richly found mineral on Earth is Quartz. When crushed quartz is mixed with resin binders + colour additives, a synthetic hard rock like surface is formed. The EQS surfaces look as though they are straight from the cradle of Mother Nature with variety of patterns and colours – monochrome as well as multi-coloured. EQS is an alternate for marble that lasts forever. We are leading suppliers and exporters of engineered quartz stones & quartz slabs in India. Engineered quartz slabs features: Quartz slabs are highly resistant to physical and chemical weathering Quartz slabs are non- porous in nature and stain resistant Quartz slabs have been tested out for oil, tomato, wine, citric acid and coffee stains Engineered quartz slabs uses and applications: It is used for making table top, interior coverings, countertops for kitchens, kitchen backsplash, kitchen utensils, fireplace coverings, countertops for bathrooms, tiles for flooring, RV countertops. It cannot be used for exteriors. Engineered quartz slabs maintenance: Since it is non- porous in nature, quartz does not need any type of sealing ever Use mild detergent and soft cloth to clean the surface We are the top exporter, manufacturer & producers of engineered quartz slabs from India.
  • What is the difference between a quartzite slab and engineered quartz slab?
    Quartzite is a natural stone slab like marble or granite, our fantasy brown quartzite is an example to understand. These stones are often as hard as or harder than granites and are more resistant to etching than marbles. Engineered quartz slabs, on the other hand, are an engineered material made up of ground quartz grains held together by various resins. Quartz slabs are manmade / engineered to be hard, nonporous, and etch resistant. We are the top exporter, manufacturer & producers of engineered quartz slabs from India.
  • What is Quartzite? How does it compare to granite or quartz?
    Please never confused with quartz, Quartzite is 100% natural and a quarried stone. It is a metamorphic rock made almost entirely of earth’s mineral quartz. Quartzite is made up of sand grains which over time become compressed together to form sandstone. When the sandstone gets buried deeply underneath layers of rocks, it gets hotter and more compressed. With enough heat and pressure, the sand grains lose their original shape and fuse together, forming a dense and durable rock. Quartzite is usually available in white or light-coloured because quartz sand is light colored. In some cases, it can be denser than granite. Quartzite has resistant to acids, staining, and scratching, much like a granite. Since this stone is natural, it should be sealed properly. We are the top exporter, manufacturer & producers of quartzite slabs from India.
  • What is Soapstone?
    Soapstone is a metamorphic rock composed mainly of the mineral talc, along with stronger additives that add to its durability. Soapstone mainly found in those areas where tectonic plates are sub ducted, changing rocks by pressure and heat creating a very dense and non-porous stone. This stone is relatively soft, and can feel “soapy” when we touch it. Although it is soft, its high density allows this stone to hold up well in highly used areas such as kitchens. Soapstone is not sensitive to heat or acids and does not need sealers applied to keep from staining. Because it does scratch easily, oiling the tops with mineral oil can soften the look of scratches. Having an impenetrable surface, soapstone will not stain. Soapstone will naturally darken (oxidize) over time. Oiling your tops will also create darkening in colour. We are the top exporter, manufacturer & producers of soapstone slabs from India.
  • What is Sandstone?
    Sandstone is actually a sedimentary rock containing tiny sand-sized particles and organic substances. Sandstone composed of different types of minerals, which are widely used in tons of applications. Due to the impurities in minerals, sandstone can be of different colors. Mostly, sandstone found in white, black, grey, pink, tan, yellow, and red. All types of sandstones contain the same minerals. Sandstone is the second most commonly found sedimentary rock on earth. The only disadvantage of sandstone is its slightly less weather resistance, there is a good chance the sandstone will face wear and tear. The reason why builders consider sandstone as the best fit for construction requirements is its flexibility. Sandstone is quite smooth for carving purposes. Sandstone is not slippery, but if the sandstone is polished and fine honed it can be slippery to a degree depending on many factors. This means you cannot install fine honed sandstone tiles near the swimming pool, in the kitchen, bathroom, and other wet areas. Sandstone uses and applications: Sandstone mostly used around the swimming pools, outdoor pavers, garden sitting areas, patio pavers, driveway pavers, homes, buildings, parks, pathways, benches, walls, statues, candle holders, vases, tile, fireplaces, pillars, tables, garden balls, shelves, coasters, stepping stones and more. The most beautiful & popular color is yellow sandstone, yellow sandstone is used in all kinds of decoration statue, like sandstone fountains, sandstone fireplaces, stone bathtub & sandstone planters etc. Around 90% production of Indian sandstone originates from Rajasthan only. We are the top exporter, manufacturer & producers of sandstone paving slabs from India.
  • What is Slate?
    Natural slate is a metamorphic rock of sedimentary origin, created by the alteration of shale or mudstone by low-grade regional metamorphism, found mainly in the northern province of Rajasthan in India. Slate forms in various colors including red, blue-gray, green, black, and yellowish-brown. Composition of natural slate: Slate stone is mainly composed of minerals such as quartz, illite and muscovite, combined with pyrite, biotite and hematite. From a chemical point of view, slate stone contains on average 60% silica, 15-20% alumina and the rest of it is made up of soda, lime and other elements. Slate uses and applications: We are top slate stone exporter from India for large-scale construction projects like churches and government buildings and our overseas clients buy slate tiles from our company for variety of purposes like: Patios, stairs, roofing aka roofing shingles, facade cladding, pathways for walking, strips over the grass, both indoors and for outdoor flooring, swimming pools, paving, bathrooms, pool table, billiard table, landscaping & hardscaping, plates and cutting boards etc. Advantages of Natural Slate: Slate = Easy Maintenance Natural slate is a very hard material and is not easily scratched or chipped. It has a unique look and adds character to a structure in which it is used. It can be installed once and last many years without needing replacement. If you are considering radiant heating, slate can be a great choice. Slates are available in tans, greys, reds, beiges, and many other neutral colors. Slate is best for roofing material as it has an extremely low water absorption index of less than 0.4%. We are the top slate suppliers, slate exporters, slate manufacturer & producers of slate stone slabs from India in both forms natural slate as well as polished slate from India. Our fast moving slate colors are Indian autumn, california gold, vijaya gold, multi gold, autumn mist, multi pink slate, black slate, silver grey, D green, Peacock slate etc. Our subsidiary Rajasthan Slate & Stone Exports Inc. is a leading natural slate stone export company in India, we are largest premium quality slate tiles manufacturers exporters suppliers for roofing, flooring, wall tiles at wholesale factory price. If you wish to know the slate chemical properties, slate physical properties, slate installing methods, slate cleaning, slate cutting, slate sealers, please get in touch with us...
  • What is Limestone?
    Limestones are sedimentary rocks rich in carbonates and composed chiefly of calcite. Limestones form by organic or inorganic processes mainly deposited from marine remains and constitute between 15% -25% of sedimentary rocks exposed above sea level. Our lime black limestone paving, tandur blue limestone, tandur yellow limestone, kota blue limestone paving have become phenomenally popular over the last few years across the globe mainly in USA and UK markets. Indian limestone has high-density colours with fewer pores than other natural stones, and a very high level of hardness. Indian limestone is as dense as marble. The natural surface of Indian limestone offers a beautiful natural effect and an anti-slip property & Indian limestone is good for garden paving. Indian limestone pavers have water-resistant and very strong, Indian limestone is one of the leading choices for natural stone pavers when it comes to wet areas, including backyards with pools. It is best for driveways, backyards, walkways, patios, exteriors, outdoor kitchen, fireplace, courtyards, pool deck, verandas, stepping stones, swimming pool to give a flatter and smoother surface. All across the globe homeowners, architects, and contractors choose Indian limestone over other landscaping materials often is because of its cost-effectiveness. Indian Limestone is strong enough to withstand North America’s harsh climates as well as Saudi Arabia’s hot climate. Indian Limestone paving slabs are very good at withstanding the rigours weather in the UK. The crux is Indian limestone pavers are great for outdoor applications. limestone paving requires a sealant if you wish to maintain that ‘fresh & out of the box’ appearance. The sealant will help you to maintain the bold colours of your limestone paving stones. Indian limestone available in mirror polished, brushed limestone, tumbled limestone, natural cleft limestone with hand cut edges, machine cut edge and in other edge profiles. We are the top exporter, manufacturer & producers of limestone paving slabs from India.
  • What is onyx?
    A true Onyx is made of silica, but within the stone industry, Onyx refers to a group of stones made up of banded calcites and other carbonate materials. The colour spectrum is extensive from greens, reds, greys and pinks with paper white being the most sought after. Onyx is one of only a small selection of natural materials that are translucent, allowing light to pass through them amplifying their natural beauty and adding a further dimension to your design. The rarity of the stone makes it more desirable, Aravali India Marbles & Granites prides itself in finding the best quality Indian onyx slabs aka lady onyx slabs from India. In recent years it has become a popular choice in interior design. It has been used as kitchen worktops, flooring, reception desks, bar tops, saunas, and wall cladding among others, however, as with all decorative materials they are very delicate and require more maintenance than the average stone. They will scratch and they will stain, so onyx stone must be well sealed and cared for with appropriate cleaning products. They will also come with many inherent characteristics that need to be considered when choosing, such as similar pitting described in the Granite, Marble & Quartzite sections previously. We are the top exporter, manufacturer & producers of lady onyx slabs from India.
  • Can you match new and old material?
    Natural Stone is variable by its nature. With some materials it is often possible to match old sample to new, however quarry seams can change over time and sometime materials can run out all together. If you have a sample to match we try our best to find the material you are looking for or we will suggest similar alternatives.
  • What Is Semi- Precious Stones (Slabs)?
    Any gemstone that is not classified under ‘precious stone’ category is known as semi-precious stone. Semi-Precious stones are naturally found in small pieces and they are bonded together entirely by hand with resin, and then cut and polished into slabs and tiles. Some very popular semi precious stones are petrified wood, tiger eye, malachite, obsidian, fluorite, chalcedony, ruby, septarian, glitter, ammonite, swarovski, alexandrite, agate, amethyst, aquamarine, garnet, lapis lazuli, opal, pearl, peridot, rose quartz, spinel, tanzanite, tourmaline, gold tiger's-eye, gray botswana agate, carnelian agate, fancy jasper, red jasper, green tree agate, sodalite, plasma jasper, blue chalcedony, eye agate, blue lace agate are examples from which the slabs are made. Advantages of Semi-Precious Stone: Natural beauty: If you’re searching for a look that stands out, the semi-precious stone is the way to go. Resistance: The versatility of semi-precious tile backsplash to withstand discoloration, humidity, scraping, and microbes is one of their main advantages. Environment friendly: Semi-precious stone structures are amongst the most environmentally friendly stone choices because it causes No-radiation, no-pollution, pure natural, fastness, not change color, fireproof and waterproof. We are the top exporter, manufacturer & producers of semi precious stone slabs, semi precious stone furniture, semi precious stone designer table tops, cubes, mosaic & borders, sculptures and much more against confirm orders. The minimum order is 1 slab at least. Semi precious stones slabs features: Natural semi precious stone slabs available in full or half slabs in 2 cm & 3 cm both with jumbo sizes 360 x 180 & normal sizes 300 x 150 in square or round or rectangle shapes. Semi precious stones are translucent, luxury, unique, natural material. The backing can be of glass, artificial stone, marble, aluminium honeycomb panel. Mostly semi-precious stones are translucent and can be backlit for a truly amazing effect. Semi precious stones uses and applications: You can use semi precious stone slabs articles in residential homes, villa, hotels, clubs, bars, coffee houses, franchised stores, bathroom fountains, kitchen room and similar applications place etc. for making wash basins, bath tubs, table tops, accent walls, desktops, dining tables, coffee tables, reception desk, bar countertop, kitchen counter tops, living room interiors, shower walls, work surfaces, floors and any other luxurious interior….regular cleaning with warm water and mild soap are all you need to keep Semi-precious stone looking lustrous. Gemstone bathroom accessories, gemstone coasters and platters, semi precious slabs for walls, gemstone paintings, semi-precious stone kitchen countertops, semi-precious stone bathroom countertops, semi-precious stone countertop slabs are our highly demanding products globally. We, Aravali marbles one of the leading suppliers exporters gemstone and agate slabs, we have best grade gemstone slab, agate slabs, and semi-precious slabs. We are the top exporter, manufacturer & producers of semi precious slabs from India.
  • What is the MoH hardness scale?
    The MoH hardness scale refers to a 1-10 scale of how resistant your material will be to scratching. Diamonds are the hardest mineral and top out the scale at 10. Below is a list that gives you an idea of where different types of natural stone fall on the MoH hardness scale: 6-7 Granite 3-4 Marble 6-7 Sandstone 6 Basalt 7+ Quartzite 6.5-7 Cristallo Quartzite 7 Engineered Quartz 3-4 Limestone 2-5 Soapstone 2.5-4 Slate 4-5 Travertine
  • What is natural stone?
    Natural stone is a very popular landscape & hardscape material used for driveways, entryways, pool deck paving, walkways, garden landscaping, window, parks, parking lots, chimney, boundary wall, stairways, pillars, columns, kitchen, worktops, barbeque, flooring, office complex, pathway, wall cladding, swimming pools, fireplaces, facade, lawns, shopping malls, backsplash, roofing, fire pit, apartment building, garden passage, backyard, outdoor patios, front yard surface and more! Indian natural stones like sandstone, slate stone, basalt, quartzite are extremely durable and easy to install. On top of that, the hardscape material is available in a wide variety of stunning colors and patterns in India. We are the top exporter, manufacturer & producers of natural stones from India.
  • In case of natural sandstone, what is the difference between 56 and 60 series?
    56 series is 4 size Pack, the sizes are 84×56, 56×56, 56×28, 28×28 60 Series is 4 Size Pack, the sizes are 90x60, 60x60, 60x29 and 29x29 The quality and touch & feel of the sandstone is the same except for sizes.
  • What are the highly demanding sizes at your company?
    We are producers and exporters of various sizes as per the requirements from the buyers…but generally we are exporters of following sizes: In granites we are exporters of: 61x30.5x1 cm thick, 60x60x1.8 cm thick, 120x60x1.8 cm thick and jumbo slabs, multicutter slabs. In marbles we are exporters of: 61x30.5x1 cm thick, 60x60x1.8 cm thick, 120x60x1.8 cm thick and jumbo slabs, short slabs In sandstones we are exporters of: single sizes like 90x60, 60x60 & 90x20 & patio packs. In basalt we are exporters of: stepping stones, block steps and sizes like 90x60, 60x60 & 60x15 & patio packs. In slate stone we are exporters of: 30x30, 10x10 & 30x15 & French patterns.
  • What is the difference between calibrated & un-calibrated?
    Natural Stone comes naturally from earth in big blocks, we split those blocks by using hammer and chisel. The splitted pieces that go in between 25-40 mm are sold as part of our Uncalibrated range, anything else that are really thick goes through a machine finish so the extra thickness is trimmed off and it’ll be nominal thickness of 22 mm with +/- 2mm making it easier for laying.
  • What is the difference between sawn edge and chisel edge?
    Sawn edge is actually a machine cut that gives a nice straight edges for a very modern and contemporary look to the stone piece whereas chisel edge is hand dressed or a more natural looking patio.
  • What are DO’S and DON’TS for stone?
    DO’S DO dust surfaces frequently with a soft, clean cloth. DO “blot” up spills immediately, before they penetrate the surface. DO clean surfaces with a few drops of pH balanced dishwashing liquid and warm water. Rinse after washing with the soap solution and dry completely with a soft, clean cloth to avoid streaks. (Too much soap may also leave a film and cause streaks) DO wipe clean any countertops that come into contact with cooking oil. While stains are rare, they are caused most frequently by cooking oil. DO remove a stain on granite, with a mixture (paste) of one cup of flour, 1-2 tablespoons of pH balanced dishwashing liquid (or hydrogen peroxide for oil based stains) with water to make a fairly thick paste (just so it doesn’t run), like peanut butter. If it’s too thick it will take a long time to dry. Clean the stained area with distilled water and pH dishwashing liquid. Remember to “blot” rather than wipe. Then rinse, but don’t dry. Apply the paste to the stained area with a plastic spatula, overlapping the stain by at least 1/4” and avoiding air pockets. Cover the paste with plastic wrap and tape around the edges of the plastic using painters tape (don’t use regular masking tape, it’s too sticky). Let it sit for 24 hours or until thoroughly dry. Remove the plastic cover and check to see if the paste has dried. If it has not, allow it to sit uncovered until thoroughly dry. Once it is dry, remove the paste by scraping with a wooden /plastic spatula, or debit card, and rinse the area with distilled water and dry with a soft cloth. Examine the stain. If it still remains, but is somewhat lighter, re-process up to five more times. DO scrape off a hard substance stuck to the surface, and lime build up, by gently scraping with a hard and thin object like a debit card or new single sided razor blade. DON’TS DO NOT leave acidic liquids (vinegar, lemon juice, orange juice, lime juice, soft drinks and wine) on its surface for long, as they can etch the surface and dull the finish. Polished granite counter-tops are rather delicate and must be treated with more care. DO NOT use cleaners that contain bleach, ammonia, acid or alkaline such as bathroom cleaners, grout cleaners, abrasive cleaners (liquid or powder), lime removers, or tub and tile cleaners. DO NOT use scouring powders or creams; these products contain abrasives that may scratch the surface. DO NOT store bottles of cooking oil directly on your granite counter top. DO NOT store metal pots and pans on your countertops, as rust can and will stain the granite. The sealer is not a waterproofing agent. If your granite darkens when it is wet do not be alarmed. It will return to its original color when the water evaporates. DO NOT slide appliances, utensils or pots and pans on the surface of the granite, as they may scratch the polished surface. DO NOT apply a stone sealer that will not penetrate granite, as these harsh solvents are hard to remove and may need to be removed professionally.
  • What is the importance of stone slabs’ thickness?
    The thickness of the granite marble slab is directly proportional to the strength and durability of the stone. The required standard in the industry globally is 2 cm with a minimum of 1.8 cm for the processed slab. Thicker slabs cost slightly more, but are easier to handle, easier to transport and easier to install thus resulting in minimum wastage of the product and a longer life.
  • What are book-matched slabs?
    Book-matched slabs are ones that are next to each other after cut from the rough block, but are polished on opposite sides. When these slabs are laid next to each other, they create a mirror image pattern.
  • Natural stone pavers are better than concrete pavers?
    Natural stone pavers like granite pavers, limestone pavers, sandstone pavers are more durable and everlasting and they have many benefits, like low maintenance, ages beautifully, and an eco-friendly solution for the paving. No doubt, concrete pavers are more solid than the natural stone pavers but you know…concrete pavers production contributes to nearly 10% of the world’s carbon footprint and many experts say that this industry leads to more carbon dioxide emissions than all the trucks in the world. So we can say that natural stone pavers are far superior landscape material than concrete pavers.
  • Does Aravali Marbles observe and support human rights and child labor laws?
    Aravali Marbles employs only qualified professionals in its quarries and factories, and firmly stands against the exploitation of child labor.
  • What is Aravali Marbles’ environmental policy?
    Aravali Marbles never source natural stone from environmentally sensitive areas such as river systems, declared forest areas, we strictly obey all government regulations regarding the quarrying and production of natural stone products, and is fully licensed to deal in the quarry and subsequent manufacture of natural stone based products.
  • Can salt be used on the stone during the winter times?
    We never recommend the use of salt on the natural stones during the winter season, as it can cause fading and damages to the stone. Instead of salt we recommend you to use Magnesium Chloride. If you really need to use salt, then be sure to use it in very small amounts and make sure that the original salt placed on the stone is completely cleaned off before applying.
  • Where we can use the natural stones?
    There are a number of places where we can use the stones like the façade of homes, commercial buildings, outdoor fireplaces, barbeque pits, interior fireplaces and kitchens and to be more specific like driveways, entryways, pool deck paving, walkways, garden landscaping, window, parks, parking lots, chimney, boundary wall, stairways, pillars, columns, kitchen, worktops, barbeque, flooring, office complex, pathway, wall cladding, swimming pools, fireplaces, facade, lawns, shopping malls, backsplash, roofing, fire pit, apartment building, garden passage, backyard, outdoor patios, front yard surface and more! .
  • Is Natural stone ethically sourced?
    Yes, all Aravali Marbles natural stones like granite, marble, sandstone, basalt, slate stone, quartzite, slate etc. always ethically sourced from the legal stone quarries. We support fair trade and are committed to do the business with the quarry owners who ethically do their quarrying and selling their stones. We monitor all aspects of the supply chain, regularly, including quality standards, working conditions and general employment practices. We adhered to ethical standards including: Fair treatment of employees Respecting basic human rights Operating ethically and with integrity
  • Which factors affect the stone price?
    Natural stone prices are influenced by several factors. The factors are as follows: Availability of raw material at quarry. Quality and size of blocks available at quarry. Difficulties and efforts putting in the quarrying. Breakage, Visual brilliance of the stone. Supply and demand of the stone material Processing quality in terms of usage of consumables and machinery for final aesthetic appeal. Government taxes and duty structures. Transportation cost from the quarry to factory and then factory to the port of loading. Customs clearing bill at the port of loading Freight forwarder's bill at the port of loading
  • Which edge profiles you can supply?
    We supply the stones with the required edge profile by the buyer’s side…please check the profile images for your understanding, you can select any one and give us order of your project.
  • How do you package the stones while exporting to other countries?
    While shipping to other countries, the product is only as good as the packaging. We take utmost care about our products being delivered in perfect condition. At Aravali Marbles, every stone pieces packed to meet the safety standards and the weight norms conforming to the EU or USA. As far as our marble granite slabs are concern: Slabs are completely dry before they are wrapped in PU sheet to prevent scratches and moisture. Slabs are then bunched together and tightly packed in wooden crates. Bundled slabs are checked for its weight separately. Based on the loading plan, the bundles are loaded into the container and lashing is done to secure it firmly. Finally, the container is fumigated to prevent the growth of mold.
  • Do you do the fumigation process?
    The wood that we use for packaging is always environmentally safe wood, free of bark besides…all wooden crates / pallets are always fumigated as per ISPM – 15 International Standards.
  • How long does the shipping of stone products take?
    The time taken for shipping depends on the delivery destination. Basically, the inland transportation to the nearest port takes 2 days. However, the container could take anywhere 5 to 7 days to get to start sailing. The time taken for sailing is 23 days; this may vary depending on the liner. A maximum of 40-50 days should be considered to get to your door.
  • Which is the most durable natural stone for landscaping?
    Sandstone is a very popular choice among landscape architects for centuries because of its extreme durability. Natural sandstone can endure and weather out many years of exposure to different elements. Granite is another strong landscape material. It’s non-porous, very hardy, and can withstand very high temperatures, making it a good choice in places with tough climates. All our natural stones are also resistant to freeze-thaw cycles making them suitable for Canadian winters and climate in other countries like USA, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Thailand, Vietnam, New Zealand, Mauritius, France, UK etc.
  • How you can explain the core values of your company?
    The core values of our business are simple: Respect Teamwork Delivering on our promises Always staying above the line The consistent adopting of these core values which propel our team to succeed.

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