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Ordering Process

We specialise in the quarrying and production of the highest quality marble granite slabs, marble granite floor tiles, marble granite step risers, marble granite kitchen countertop.


We pride ourselves on supplying only the best materials and as we are able to supply marble granite kitchen tops, marble granite floor and bathroom tiles, marble granite skirting, marble granite stair treads, marble granite kitchen countertop, marble granite bathroom vanity, marble granite fireplace surrounds, marble granite bar tops etc.

Easy & Convenient Ordering Process

Our ordering process is simple, you can order products directly from our on-line catalogue or by calling, emailing or WhatsApp even.  Our goal is to make the process as convenient and easy as possible.

Explore wide range of Products

Search and select for products that you like at our website

Place Enquiry

You can give order for free sample, or if you are ready to purchase you can simply instruct us to send you the pricing, availability and delivery terms through email / WhatsApp. The minimum order quantity is always ONE CONTAINER (around 3000 sq. ft. or 279 sqm. at least.) for almost all products listed on our web site.

Proforma Invoice

If price and delivery terms are suitable then we will send you the Proforma Invoice for your confirmation and acceptance purposes.

Production Schedule

After getting your acceptance we take your order in our production schedule without wasting any further time.


As per your order (slabs, tiles or staircases) we start marble granite sawing (Granite marble blocks are cut into slabs by Multiwire cutting machine), Grinding, epoxy application, strengthening, polishing, cutting. If the material requires, then the slabs are strengthened by attaching a mesh for further resistance. We always give updates about the production status to buyer by photos through whatsapp or email.


As per the order we prepare the slabs or tiles in polished, honed, leather, flamed, lappato finishes.

Out for Packaging

After the completion of the production process the slabs / tiles / steps risers will be ready for display or will go directly to packaging area.

Quality Check

We start inspecting each piece, one by one all the slabs / tiles / steps risers and do the measurement and thorough quality checks in terms of thickness, flatness, dimensions and material pattern. We complete all the work and we make sure that our customer is happy with the final product.


Slabs are always packed in wooden bundles in order to stuff them into containers. Each pallet will have a Packing-List pasted on it. Tiles / plates, on the other hand, are packed in wooden crates & then stuffed into containers. The wood that we use for packaging is always environmentally safe wood, free of bark besides…all wooden crates / pallets are always fumigated as per ISPM – 15 international standards.


After the packing stage we call the container from the sea port / dry port to the factory location and then stuff the container & send back the stuffed container to the port for boarding the vessel.

Sending Updates

Last but not the least we always send the images of the container packing for making the order fully transparent.

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