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Container Packaging

Aravali marbles in India, one of the leading granite, marble, basalt, sandstone, cristallo quartzite slabs exporter, we export our Indian stones to the largest stone importers like (builders, contractors, fabricators, retailers, architects, interior designers, kitchen and bath dealers, tile and slab distributors & sometimes directly to the homeowners) all over the world. Here we are discussing the most important aspect i.e. “Container Packaging.” It is very important & necessary for a stone factory to transport the stone tiles and stone slabs to its ultimate destination in perfect conditions. Our twelve well-trained company employees are assigned to load containers with utmost safety and security of the stones.

Our packing staff also performs the final stone quality check of all the slabs' bundles as well as tiles' wooden crates before loading them into container.

Ways of Packing:

Indian Stone Slabs or Indian Stone Tiles – always packed & loaded in 20 ft. heavy duty Dry Box Container/Dry Open Top Container


The Container Packing Process starts first with sending the Stone Slabs/Stone Tiles photos through email. This way, customer has an opportunity to see the actual Indian Stone Photos before they leave our Stone Factory. After getting the approval our packing staff start their job of packing the stone slabs/stone tiles or other stone products as per the International norms meant for packaging the Stones. We take care of everything from stone packing to stone shipping. No matter what the order is…. We have the rock-solid experience to pack it perfectly. The wood that we use for packaging is always environmentally safe wood, free of bark. All wooden crates/pallets are always fumigated as per ISPM – 15 International Standards.

Indian Stone Blocks Packing

Marble Blocks / Granite Blocks / Sandstone Blocks / Quartzite Blocks are always kept safely inside the container on strong & suitable wooden bars with the help of fork lifts and we always do wire rope lashing to avoid movement of marble stone blocks inside container. In one container we usually load around 9-10 cubic meters (Around 26-27 Metric Tons).

Marble Slabs / Granite Slabs / Quartzite Slabs / Quartz Slabs / Sandstone Slabs Packing

Gang saw size & cutter size Granite Slabs, Marble Slabs, Quartzite Slabs, Quartz Slabs are always packed in fumigated wooden bundles / crates & we load them inside the container with the help of C-clamp. Our wooden bundles are always made of best quality wood and strongly fastened in the container. Slabs in the bundles are tightly compressed to each other with thin plastic sheet between each slab to avoid friction during the transit. Every pallet will have a LABEL with all the required stone & quantity details.

Standard & Cut Size Marble Tiles / Granite Tiles / Sandstone Tiles / Limestone Tiles Packing

We pack our Indian Stone Tiles directly in ISPM-15 standard fumigated wooden crates, we put 8 / 4 mm thick foam sheet inside the wooden crate. We also put soft paper between the 2 tiles to avoid friction during the transit. A polythene sheet is used as a cover on each wooden crate and then tightened with iron / plastic strip. Inside the container the wooden crates are tightly fastened with each other so that the crates do not move during transit. Stone Tiles container are always loaded with the help of fork lift. Every crate will have a LABEL with all the required stone & quantity details.

10 mm / 12 mm thick Modular Marble Granite Tiles Packing

First of all 10 mm / 12 mm thick beveled tiles are being packed in Styrofoam boxes / Paper corrugated boxes and then we load such boxes into the fumigated wooden crates & then ultimately loading the wooden crates into the container with the help of fork lift. Every crate will have a LABEL with all the required stone & quantity details.

Marble Slabs / Granite Slabs / Quartzite Slabs / Quartz Slabs / Sandstone Slabs DIRECT loading

This way of container packing we generally do for our clients based in Morocco, Vietnam, Egypt, Iraq and various other Middle East and North African countries. We don't recommend this way, but we can do it, upon client’s request. This way of container packing is advantageous because more quantity (up to 460 sqm.) can be loaded in the container which ultimately saves lot of money in Ocean Transport and the Stone Price gets cheaper.

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