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Aravali Marbles: Reigning Global Granite Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier from India

India's granite industry is an economic powerhouse. Among the top granite exporters globally, India is prominently represented, with bustling centres for quarrying and processing located in states such as Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. A staggering 80% to 85% of India's remarkable granite is exported, eagerly embraced by major importers across the United States, European nations, China, and the Middle East

What makes Indian granite the most popular granite in the world?

Granite is not just native to India; it's a natural marvel, powerful, and shines brightest. Its quality surpasses the likes of Chinese and Brazilian granite, boasting an innate superiority that's hard to match.

Presenting a line-up of the most popular granites of 2023:

1. We have the best quality Black Granite from India:

Black Pearl: Its deep black base with iridescent speckles of gold or silver gives a starry night sky effect, adding a touch of luxury and elegance to spaces.


Ash Black: Exhibiting a solid, rich black hue, Ash Black granite brings a sense of depth and sophistication and is often used to create a bold statement in interiors.

2. We have the best quality White Granite from India:

P White, Alaska White, Ice White: These varieties span from the understated elegance of creamy whites with delicate veins (P White) to the radiant, nearly translucent look of Alaska White and the pure, pristine tones. Together, they impart an essence of purity and warmth to any environment they grace.

3. We have the best quality Red Granite from India:

Imperial Red, Ruby Red aka Jhansi Red Granite: These vibrant red granites showcase a fiery palette with intricate patterns, adding a bold and striking element to surfaces, perfect for creating a focal point in the design.


4. We have the best quality Blue Granite from India:

Volga Blue, Crystal Blue: Volga Blue showcases a dark blue base with reflective elements that evoke the depths of a starry night. In contrast, Crystal Blue offers a lighter appearance resembling tranquil waters. Both these varieties add depth and tranquillity to the spaces they adorn.


5. We have the best quality Brown Granite from India:

Tan Brown, Sapphire Brown, Desert Brown: With warm, earthy tones and intricate patterns, these granites infuse spaces with a cozy, inviting feel, ideal for creating a comforting ambience.


6. We have the best quality Yellow / Golden Granite from India:

Crystal Yellow, Alaska Gold, Colonial Gold: These vibrant yellow granites emulate the warmth of sunlight, bringing energy and brightness into interiors, perfect for spaces aiming for a sunny, cheerful vibe.


7. We have the best quality Ivory Granite from India:

Astoria Granite, Ivory Brown Granite, Kashmir Cream Granite: Offering subtle elegance, these granites feature neutral beige tones with delicate veining, adding a touch of sophistication and versatility to various design schemes.


8. We have the best quality Green Granite from India:

Hassan Green, and Verde Marina Granite: Mimicking the lushness of nature, these green granites showcase rich, verdant hues, infusing spaces with a refreshing and calming atmosphere.


9. We have the best quality Pink Granite from India:

Astoria Pink, Imperial Pink: Displaying soft and delicate pink tones, these granites bring a charming and gentle touch to surfaces, perfect for creating a more subdued yet inviting aesthetic.

Why choose Aravali Marbles as the most sought-after granite exporter in India?

Top-Notch Quality: At Aravali Marbles we ensure top quality, guaranteeing durable and stunning granite for your interior floors, interior cladding, exterior cladding, bathroom vanities, kitchen countertops.


Extensive Variety: Dive into our extensive variety of granite types—there's something for every design preference, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your project.


Reliable and Trusted: Count on us for reliability and trust. Our consistent delivery of high-quality granite has earned us a reputation you can rely on.


Seasoned Experts: With years of experience, we possess deep industry knowledge, ensuring you get expertise along with your order.


Customer Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is our priority. Experience personalized service and unwavering support throughout your export journey with us.


Ethical Standards: We uphold ethical standards. From fair labor practices to eco-friendly processes, we're committed to responsible business conduct.


Global Reach: With our global reach, your granite arrives seamlessly, almost like magic, right on your doorstep, ensuring timely delivery wherever you are.

To conclude, choosing Aravali Marbles now…counted among the top granite manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers in India is like unlocking a treasure trove of top-quality granite matched with a personalized touch. We have a large granite slabs inventory at our natural granite stone factory with all Indian granite colors to choose from.

So if you are a granite importer, a construction company, a project manager, a purchase manager or simply wants home improvement & you are looking to import the best quality Indian granite products, we can export Indian granite slabs, granite tiles, granite steps risers, granite window sills, blocks, granite countertops, and other granite articles in the all the desired color, size, and finishes are available with us at the best competitive prices to you for your commercial, residential projects any where in the world.

We don't merely offer granite; we provide an experience tailored to your needs. Consider us your dedicated partners, not just suppliers. Whether you're in bustling city centres or remote corners of the globe, we're committed to ensuring you receive not only top-quality granite but also personalized attention and support every step of the way. Your satisfaction isn't merely a goal for us; it's the cornerstone of our unwavering commitment of Indian granites at best price that you can get from us direct from India’s best granite quarries.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us – We are just one phone call away from you +91-9829446944


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